Hiking in Novato

When it comes to the best Bay Area hiking trails, Novato has more open space than almost anywhere else in Marin County. Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Novato’s surrounding hills, marshlands, and valleys by exploring some of our many well-maintained hiking trails. You’ll be rewarded with peaceful woodlands, bird and wildlife viewing, and breathtaking panoramic vistas—all easily accessed within minutes of downtown. Whether you’re in the mood for a short, casual stroll or rigorously training for your next triathlon, Novato offers a range of options suitable for all fitness levels.

For leisure walking on a flat, even path check out the newly opened Bay Trail in Hamilton Field (kid-friendly), Rush Creek Preserve, Deer Island, or Indian Valley Fire Road (child-friendly). For a more challenging hike with variable terrain and climbs (but also amazing views), head for scenic Mount Burdell, the highest peak in the surrounding area, or Indian Tree Preserve, which winds through meadows and groves of Redwood trees to a spectacular overlook of Stafford Lake. Happy trails!

Please visit our Attractions Map & Guide page for more information about hiking in Novato.

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