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Mount Burdell

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Burdell Mountain
Novato, CA

Mount Burdell is Marin County’s largest Open Space District and offers some of the best hiking in the bay area.

Mount Burdell has a wide range of trails for all abilities and breathtaking views of the bay and the surrounding hills. The preserve’s peak elevation is around 1,500 feet, and there are three routes up to the top, all of which require sustained, though not unreasonable climbs. You don’t have to head for the heights though – the lower hills have plenty of looping paths for horse riding, dog walking and human only hiking and also offer some great vista points.

No matter which trails you choose on Mount Burdell, as you hike you will be serenaded with bird calls — hawks in the the woods to the south, vultures soaring and calling above the valley, hummingbirds, bluebirds, redwing blackbirds, scrub jays and more.

Pick up a picnic on Grant Avenue and head out on one of Marin’s best trails for a perfect Novato summer’s day.

Please visit the Marin County Parks website for more information about Mount Burdell.

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