Berkeley Marina Adventure Playground

160 University Ave.
Berkeley, CA 94710
Tel: (510) 981 6720

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Adventurous visitors looking for family fun outing can check out Berkeley’s Adventure Playground, which has been voted a top playspace by media outlets like National Geographic and Newsweek. What makes Adventure Playground so unique? A commitment to letting kids experience unstructured creative play by building their own play environment.

Adventure Playground feels more like a junkyard than the typical play-structure, and with a little parental supervision, kids can find themselves hammering nails, painting the playground or riding a zip line. There are few parks quite like it, anywhere in America. For that reason alone, it might be worth the trip for Bay Area visitors. Note that Adventure Playground is only open weekends, and while younger children are welcome with close adult supervision, the park is designed for kids seven and older.

For more information, please visit the Adventure Playground website.

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