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Sonoma Plaza

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453 1st St E
Sonoma, CA
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(707) 996-1090

Savor the sights and tastes of the wine country with a day trip to nearby Sonoma Plaza. This eight-acre plaza is a designated National Historic Landmark, and defines the heart of downtown Sonoma. It was also the site of the Bear Flag Revolt in 1846, which lead to the Mexican-American War.

Sonoma Square is the focal point of this community. “The Square” is built around a large central park with mature trees and lush grass. It has been consistently voted the #1 attraction in town; a pedestrian’s paradise where visitors can enjoy a stroll while perusing the quaint street-side boutiques, historical buildings, and eateries that line its perimeter. The crown jewel of the plaza is Sonoma’s 20th-century city hall which rests in the center of the shady park.

Sonoma Plaza is a popular gathering place for locals and visitors alike and often serves as an epicenter for community festivals and events including a seasonal farmers’ market on Tuesday evenings from May through October.

Wine lovers will enjoy exploring the self-guided “WineWalk” tour through 18 tasting rooms around the plaza which feature award-winning sips from local vintners. Purchase a bottle and a picnic to enjoy as you relax in the park–the only public park in California that allows open alcohol!

New in 2014: Indulge your inner naturalist with the Sonoma Plaza Self-Guided Tree Tour Map which highlights the unique trees, historic monuments, and bird species that are found in this arboretum.

If all else fails, grab a bench and people-watch as the world goes by. For more information and details on upcoming events, visit

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