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Tomales Bay

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Tomales Bay, CA

Well known for its delicious local oysters, Tomales Bay first opened as a state park in 1952 and features four, sheltered, gently sloping beaches.

The Coast Miwok people were the first to inhabit the beautiful coastal area that now forms Tomales Bay. There are many ways to enjoy the bay  – hiking trails, perfect picnic spots, swimming, boating, and clamming.

The park is a popular attraction for those who enjoy bird watching, as it is a haven for both land and sea birds including pelicans, puffins, woodpeckers and goldfinches.  The forests, fields, meadows and marshes play host to wildlife including; foxes, badgers, chipmunks, raccoons and deer as well as the Jepson trail named in honor of Botanist Willis Jepson, author of the authoritative Manual of the Flowering Plants of California.

Tomales Bay is 28 miles west of Novato.

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