Creekside Bakery

1719 Grant Ave
Novato, CA 94945
Tel: (415) 892-7655

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If you’re visiting Novato, and you have a thing for cakes, cookies and pastries, the Creekside Bakery is well worth a visit. You’ll find this locally-owned bakery on Grant Avenue, and once inside you’ll be spoiled for choice. Creekside Bakery is home to the famed Princess Cake, and other special occasion creations. But you don’t need to be planning an event to enjoy something special, as the Bakery has enough high-quality freshly-baked treats on show to make your head spin. You can also order from a lunch menu that features gourmet sandwiches, house-made quiche and more.

Whether you’re craving delicious avocado toast, or feel like a cup of coffee with a pastry that’s too good to share (other than on Instagram…), take the time to seek out the Creekside Bakery. You won’t be disappointed.

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