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San Francisco

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San Francisco, CA 94123

A short drive from Novato lies the iconic cityscape of San Francisco, offering an unforgettable day trip teeming with vibrant culture, landmarks, and endless exploration.

Visit the Golden Gate Bridge that stands proudly against the backdrop of the Pacific, and the bustling streets exude an energy unique to this cultural hub. From Alcatraz to the whimsical twists of Lombard Street, each corner of San Francisco tells a story for you to discover. Or take a tour of Alcatraz, a former prison turned national park and one of the city’s most popular attractions. Catch a ride on the iconic cable cars, and learn how to ride these moving national historic landmarks. Enjoy stroll along PIER 39, a repurposed wooden finger-pier adorned with restaurants, souvenir shops, street performers, and must-see attractions like the Aquarium of the Bay and The Flyer.

Novato hotels are a great base for visitors wanting to explore San Francisco. With a bustling Downtown surrounded by scenic countryside and close proximity to San Francisco, Novato offers a welcoming and affordable option for out of town visitors.

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