Tommy’s Salsa Catering

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1553 S Novato Blvd
Novato, CA 94947
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(415) 878-6394

Locally acclaimed Mexican Restaurant, Tommy’s Salsa!, is the go-to whenever your event calls for some delicious Mexican food. Since 1992, Tommy’s Salsa! has been the ultimate authentic Mexican food restaurant. The restaurant prides themselves on their recipes, which have been passed down through the generations.

Based in Novato, Tommy’s Salsa! is famous for its delicious salsas. Their salsa placed first and second in the one of the nation’s largest salsa competitions in New Mexico, proving just how flavorful their food is.

Tommy’s Salsa! is available to cater to all party sizes and can accommodate to any dietary requests or menu preferences. They will even deliver the food is your order is over $80. This restaurant is very experienced catering to all types of parties, whether it is a work event or children’s party. Their Taco and Fajita Bars are always great for graduation parties, anniversaries, or family picnics.

Tommy’s Salsa! also has designed specific catering menus that contain a variety of options. Individuals are free to design their own menus as well. This includes their new Appetizer Menu, which consists of a wide selection of appetizer platters in all different sizes. Tommy’s Salsa! will definitely prove that Mexican food is always the right call.

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