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Stafford Lake Bike Park

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Stafford Lake Bike Park
3549 Novato Blvd
Novato, CA
Cell Phone
(415) 897-0618

Marin is both home to countless devoted cyclists and a destination for cyclists from around the Bay Area who are looking to experience great cycling conditions and the beautiful backdrop that is Marin County. Now, with Stafford Lake Bike Park, cyclists have a dedicated destination in Novato’s beautiful Stafford Lake Park, where riders of all ages and skill levels can ride custom-built bike trails, and enjoy 17 acres of exciting bike riding experiences.

Cyclists have been central to the development of the park, with fundraising support coming from the Friends of Stafford Lake Bike Park organization, and cyclists volunteering their time and energy on trail building projects. This is very much a park by and for cyclists, and any Bay Area fan of two-wheeled adventure owes it to themselves to experience Stafford Lake Bike Park first hand.

In addition, Novato is perfectly placed for visiting wineries and enjoying the North Bay’s beautiful coastline. The Park is worth a trip in itself, but also makes a great pitstop on a North Bay weekend getaway. Consider a stay at a welcoming Novato hotel and make a weekend of it.

The park is free to visit, although there is a per-vehicle car parking fee. For more information, please visit the Stafford Lake Bike Park website. For directions, check out or download the Stafford Lake Bike Park Map.

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