The Space Station Museum at Pacheco

464 Ignacio Blvd.
Novato, CA 94949
Tel: (415) 524-3940

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Previously voted the #1 attraction in Novato on, Novato’s very own Space Station Museum is home to an inspiring collection of equipment and artifacts from half a century of manned space flight.

The items include control panels, hatches, helmets and suits and are part of one of the largest private collections accumulated from NASA and Russian space programs.

The Space Station Museum is unique among California museums in that visitors get to actually touch artifacts that made the long journey into space, including photographs inscribed by the astronauts that tell about their adventures in space exploration.

Located at the Pacheco Plaza Center, the Space Station Museum includes a research library and holds special events throughout the year including the Novato Space Festival and Space Craft For Kids.

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