Indian Valley Open Space Preserve


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Indian Valley Open Space Preserve is a popular outdoor destination that offers a multitude of hiking trails suitable for all abilities, and is accessible from Ignacio Boulevard at the Indian Valley College campus or Indian Valley Road.

The main path is a level fire road that winds along the valley floor following a small seasonal creek with lots of shade provided by live oak and bay trees. It is an easy, flat three-quarter mile walk from the college campus to Indian Valley Road (or vice versa), which makes it ideal for those seeking a leisurely stroll. Dogs are allowed on leash. Bikes are permitted only on the fire road.

Several smaller single-track trails (Buzzard’s Burn, Waterfall) branch off the main fire road and climb into the surrounding hills through wooded chaparral, providing lovely views of the surrounding valleys. Spring rains bring rushing water to the creeks and waterfalls in this area. These trails are best suited to those desiring a moderate to rigorous workout. All routes eventually loop back to the main fire road. Free roadside parking is available at the Indian Valley Road entrance.

To learn more about where to hike in Indian Valley, visit the Marin County parks website.

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