Novato With Kids

If you’re looking for fun things to do with kids in Marin County, Novato has a great climate, beautiful parks and kid-friendly places to eat and drink. With so much to offer families within a few miles of downtown you really are spoiled for choice. This schedule is a favorite day out for my family – I hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Amy Brackett

Novato resident with kids!

Toast For Breakfast

The perfect place to begin the day, Toast has a great selection of breakfast favorites and numerous activities to help get your kids started and your family fed. Pancake-batter french toast with vanilla gelato and bananas and the Mickey Mouse pancakes with M&M eyes are the family favorites! Located in Hamilton, just a couple of miles from downtown Novato, you’ll find a kid-friendly breakfast menu alongside classics for the adults, and of course great coffee to get you ready for the day too. Activities to keep your kiddos attention during your meal include games, puzzles, Etch-a-Sketch fun and the ever popular Wikki Stix.

Celine's Sweets

Celine's Sweets is a candy wonderland for kids visiting Novato. Conveniently located Downtown on Grant Ave, Celine's Sweets has wall to wall treats ranging from chocolate bars and fudge to taffy and sours. The candy shop also has an ever rotating selection of ice cream flavors, the perfect end of a day out shopping or dinner Downtown.

Stafford Lake Park

This beautiful country park on the edge of Novato can easily fill a whole day. We like to ride bikes on the many trails - the park has a wonderful way of feeling much more distant from towns and roads than it is. Stop to feed the geese, and bring a picnic lunch for ourselves - there are numerous spots to relax where the park feels like it’s all yours. Flying a kite on a windy day is an afternoon favorite for us, although there are many other activities and there’s plenty of room to play your own games too.
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