Masa Sushi

813 Grant Ave.
Novato, CA 94945
Tel: (415) 892 0081

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Novato’s family-owned and operated Masa Sushi restaurant is regarded as one of the best places to enjoy sushi in Marin. Chef Masa Okugawa focuses on the unadorned aesthetic of authentic Japanese sushi, preparing fish, sauces and stocks daily, as he has at this location for twenty five years. Masa also offers a selection of more elaborate rolls, udon noodle dishes, saki and more.

The restaurant is centrally located in downtown Novato. Customers from across Marin rave about the authentic Japanese food and rave about the traditional dishes. The quality atmosphere and superb service make this restaurant a local favorite.

Loyal customers note the attention to detail offered by this knowledgeable and approachable chef. The service is great and the multitude of options will make you want to keep coming back for more. A great spot to enjoy authentic sushi in Marin without breaking the bank.

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